Meet the geeks



Christy always has at least 3 books going. It’s hard for her to start a new video game because she has a hard time with self-control when it comes to games. She is serious about card and tabletop games - and she always wins.

GEEK OUTS: Books! (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Horror, Thriller, Historical Fiction plus the odd any other fiction), card and tabletop games, all things Mario.

“The man who worries about what will next be happening to him loses this moment in dread of the next, and poisons the next with prejudgment.” - Robin Hobb



Talia has 1 dog, 3, cats, a rabbit, and some fish (by default). She really likes pinball, despite not being very good at it, and struggles to keep up with a towering and ever-growing unread book pile.

GEEK OUTS: The Wheel of Time, the MCU, funny t-shirts, those memory foam pillows that stay cold, coffee & carbs

“It’s rated R for ‘really boozy,’ starring me.” - Linda Belcher, Bob’s Burgers



Adam memorized all of the lines to his favorite movie, Ghostbusters, when he was only 4 years old. Even though he didn't fully understand the jokes, it was his gateway drug into the world of geekiness and comedy. He's also pretty decent at Tetris.

GEEK OUTS: Ghostbusters (obviously), Star Trek, Video Games (especially Nintendo), Classic TV, James Bond, Battlestar Galactica (the new one, not the old one), Food

“Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.” - Batman



Lucas always has his hands in a project. You could call him a bit of a real-life “Fix it Felix”. Cars, arcades, houses… you name it! His current obsession is pinball: the art, the gameplay, the tactile feedback - he just can’t seem to get enough!

GEEK OUTS: Video Games (HUGE Nintendo fanboy), Pizza, Pinball, Arcades, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Office, Musicals, LucasArts point-and-click adventure games

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” - Jedi Master Yoda