The Literarily Wasted Lounge

Hey Lit Fam! Looking for a place to chat with cool folks about books? We’ve create a new Facebook Group for the Literarily Wasted club. This is THE place to discuss all things books! Talk about the book of the month or other books! The ultimate geek-centric book community. Let's get lit(erary)!

There’s only 2 simple rules for the group:

  1. Be excellent to each other!

    This is a place where negativity towards others will not be tolerated. Respect each other. Respect each other's opinions. Harassment of any kind will result in an immediate ban.

  2. Don't be a spoilsport!

    We all read at different paces. If you're going to post a spoiler, put *SPOILER* along with the book referenced, at the top of your post. Don't be that person who ruins things for other people.

Thanks for checking it out! Have fun!