Here we go!

The Geekward! Team: (L-R) Talia, Adam, Christy & Lucas

The Geekward! Team: (L-R) Talia, Adam, Christy & Lucas

Welcome to Geekward! - Your new source for fun, geeky content!

We are a group of creatives who can’t wait to imagine, discover, and geek out with you! The Geekward! Team is led by real-life couples, Christy & Adam Schwartz and Talia Lin & Lucas Pepke. All self-proclaimed geeks, we are driven by a passion to create fun, new content and to engage with a community of like-minded, awesome people.

Geekward! didn’t just explode into being. We’ve been brainstorming endlessly to reach this point, and now we’re so excited to finally let the cat out of the bag. Our first adventure is an online, geek-centric book club. Live-streamed discussions, wine, pajamas… all the stuff we love!

Thank you for checking us out. We really appreciate you stopping by! Be on the lookout for lots of new content as we progress in our epic journey. We’d love for you to join us along the way because we have a lot of big things planned. Come GEEK OUT with us!


Everything is moving Geekward!
— Our super smart lawyer friend